PouncerAI Lifetime deal $49 : On AppSumo

PouncerAI Lifetime deal $49 : On AppSumo

Isn’t it tiring to refresh the Upwork job search website all the time? Do you require strong templates for cover letters? Or would you rather have just one tab for everything? We now present to you “PouncerAI,” your one-stop shop. PouncerAI’s job alert system offers you to receive updates as soon as new jobs are posted on Upwork. With PouncerAI, you can find more jobs at a 10x faster pace. PouncerAI assist you to create a customized cover letter, submit your application, and attract the attention of potential clients that too all in a matter of minutes! You won’t have to waste as much time copying and pasting between tabs or battling ChatGPT prompts. You’ll receive a clear RSS feed using PouncerAI’s job discovery tool, allowing you to rapidly evaluate Upwork job postings. Shortcut keys can even help you search more quickly. All of your needs are met with PouncerAI.

What is PouncerAI?

PouncerAI functions primarily as a job search engine. For all of the freelancers who are always active on Upwork, this is an AI-powered way to search, apply for, and get more tasks. With the help of PouncerAI, you can sign up for a job alert system and get information as soon as new jobs are posted on Upwork. With the help of this application, you may quickly assess employment prospects from Upwork thanks to its neat RSS feed. Notifications from Slack, emails, desktop alerts, and more can be configured to suit your needs. You can rapidly submit your application and write a customized cover letter with the help of this service.

Feature of PoucerAI

  • With PouncerAI, you can quickly find and apply for job openings on Upwork in a fraction of the time.
  • Important details for every advertisement
  • Shortcuts to expedite your search.
  • Examine the job description and mark specific posts for later consideration.
  • Ideas for writing a customized cover letter for the position you have chosen.
  • AI-generated templates for proposals.
  • Combines job requirements with information about your skills and experience.
  • Use italicizing and bolding text, callouts and bullet points to emphasize important elements in your proposal and add emojis to highlight your unique personality.

Get immediate alerts when new jobs are posted on Upwork

For freelancers who are sick and weary of constantly refreshing the Upwork job search page, PouncerAI offers the perfect alternative. PouncerAI has developed a job alert system. That means you can now receive instant notifications when new jobs are posted on Upwork. You can apply right away as soon as you start receiving notifications. This implies that you have the chance to submit your application first. All you have to do is configure your notifications to work for you. This includes Slack notifications, e-mails, desktop alerts, and more. You can then create a customized cover letter and send in your application.

Create a captivating tailored proposal

The next crucial step for you is to create a perfect job proposal once you’ve found an opportunity that suits you. It takes a lot of effort and time for a freelancer to spend numerous hours tailoring a customized proposals for Upwork tasks. PouncerAI features the Proposal Generator to make it simple to write proposals that grab attention. This generator creates proposals that demonstrate your suitability by fusing information about your qualifications and experience with the job specifications. This AI-based solution can generate the ideal proposal that captures the client’s interest in an instant by merging your Upwork profile with the job description.

Find Upwork jobs with an RSS reader

You’ll receive a clear RSS feed using PouncerAI’s job discovery tool, allowing you to rapidly evaluate Upwork job postings. On Upwork, thousands of jobs are posted every day. Not every job is a good fit for you. Using this feature, you can now quickly determine which jobs fall into your category. You will be able to view important information about every post. It offers shortcut keys so you may accelerate your search even further. Examine the job description and bookmark individual posts for future reference. You can quickly delete jobs from your list if you decide to change your mind.

Save specific post

It’s easy for freelancers to find relevant job listings using PouncerAI. Always consider your options carefully before applying for a job. Each business has its policies and procedures. Therefore, carefully read the job description and job post before applying. PouncerAI promises to assist you in this by letting you bookmark particular posts for later review. If you change your mind later, you can remove the post easily. Do not hurry to apply if you see a job posting that suits you. Instead, bookmark the article for further review, learn more about the customer and firm, accept the terms and conditions, and then submit an application.

Make your cover letter proposals with emojis, italic text, bold, and bullet points

A customized cover letter should highlighted your skills, talents, and areas of expertise in it. It will increase the client’s interest in your cover letter. Don’t allow the formatting restrictions on Upwork to prevent you from being noticable. Upgrade your cover letter using PouncerAI’s Upstyler toolbar to make it stand out from the competition. You can emphasize important aspects of your proposal with additional callouts, bold or italicized text, and embedded bullet points to take things up a level. With just one click, you’ll be able to add emojis and display your individuality in your proposals.

PouncerAI Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan on AppSumo

PouncerAI has total two-lifetime deal pricing plans on AppSumo. If you want to buy any lifetime deal plan of PouncerAI then you can buy it very easily by clicking on the link mentioned in this article.

PouncerAI Lifetime deal $49 : On AppSumo

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PouncerAI is a brand-new, free AI-powered application that can help you acquire more Upwork gigs. With the help of this AI-powered tool, you can locate and apply to job opportunities on Upwork in a fraction of the time. PouncerAI is a program created especially to enhance Upwork profiles. It offers professional recommendations, design tools, and examples to help your profile stand out in the job competition. In essence, PouncerAI speeds up the job search process and helps you swiftly draft strong cover letters. It has a special Job Inbox to help you locate and arrange relevant Upwork jobs fast. In addition to making it simple for you to manage multiple freelancer profiles on Upwork, just add your freelancer’s profile and use PouncerAI to send individually tailored proposals. It has designed a Proposal Generator that enables you to quickly and easily create eye-catching cover letter proposals. In summary, PouncerAI helps you to turn your Upwork profile into an overview that potential clients will find interesting.

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