WP Security Ninja Lifetime Deal : Review, Pricing on AppSumo

WP Security Ninja Lifetime Deal : Review, Pricing On AppSumo

Just imagine, what will happen if your website has been hacked, your customer data has been leaked, your accounts are in shambles and your reputation is ruined? Indeed, a nightmare scenario!

But here you have got the AppSumo WP Security Ninja waiting for you, the best place to get insane deals on business software. The WP Security Ninja steps in as the silent guardian of your website with comprehensive coverage and hassle-free setup. Know the details here.

What Is WP Security Ninja? 

WP Security Ninja is a WordPress plugin that offers a number of features to protect your WordPress website. It is a strong tool that secures your WordPress site with firewall protection, malware scanning, hacking, and data breaches. 

The tool works as a shield for your website and protects your website from cyber-attacks. WP Security Ninja scans for vulnerabilities and checks for everything that keeps your website secure. Thus it ensures the web runs smoothly.

Features Of WP Security Ninja

Protect your WordPress site very well

Worried about the hackers and want to protect your WordPress site from attacks? WP Security Ninja is there for you. Surprisingly enough, the WP Security Ninja scans more than 50 different known issues. 

It actively helps to block malicious activity. The premium version of the WP Security Ninja includes a core scanner that check and compares each of the files in your website with official core files. Thus it ensures that there are only the files that WordPress uses.

login protection, firewall protection, malware scanning and other features

When the matter is about to guide you on how to secure your site from hackers and cyber-attacks, the WP Security Ninja is all in one. 

With advanced firewall protection, malware scanning, login protection, and many more, the Appsumo WP Security Ninja prevents the bad guys from even visiting your website and secure your site from all those nightmares. Here preventing bad visitors to your website even with access is the best kind of site protection, right? 

Safe your site from more than 600 million malicious IP addresses

With WP Security Ninja, your firewall can filter out sketchy activities and block dangerous IP addresses. That includes 612 million IPs known to be, let’s just say it is more than enough than cool. 

Using a database that is updated daily, the WP Security Ninja ensures the security of your website. This tool also uses the internal network to share and distribute threat data between all its users. you can customize the messages that visitors see and redirect them somewhere.

Secure your website from  millions of dangerous IPs

As you see, the plug-in firewall of the WP Security Ninja is updated daily with a database with over 600 million known IP addresses, obviously, the tool is able to block millions of dangerous IPs with that powerful firewall. 

You know the tool also tracks and filters out suspicious activity. Plus, you can hide login errors to prevent hackers from stealing critical info and change login URLs to secure entry points to your site.

Monitor each action on your website

With the WP Security Ninja, WordPress security is not a matter of headache anymore. The WP Security Ninja tracks every action of your website and helps you to catch the bad actors even before they try striking. 

And with event logging, you can actually see what is happening on your site in real-time. The Appsumo WP Security Ninja offers logins from protection with features like auto-banning rules which block users after multiple failed login attempts.

Get security audits and fix issues

The amazing features do not end here. The WP Security Ninja conducts security audits and troubleshoots issues for your site efficiently and successfully. As the tool scans WordPress websites for vulnerabilities, you can get a detailed report and get to know what to prioritize next. 

The vulgarities include password strength or plugin security holes. Thus with the WP Security Ninja, you can perform regular security audits and assessments and secure your website to protect your main focus, your business. 

Check vulnerabilities on your website

As we have mentioned multiple times in our discussion the WP Security Ninja scans your website for vulnerabilities, that for sure you are wondering how it does that, right? 

You know the tool has a scanner feature that tests for the configuration of your site against the potential issues. This configuration can be the extension that may be out of date or database password that is strong enough or not, the PHP version, and so on.

Get security report

The WP Security Ninja Scans your website for vulnerabilities, conducts security audits, and troubleshoots issues, is that it? Of course not! After scanning your website for the vulgarities, this strong but easy-to-use tool provides a security report to you. 

The report includes all details and scores of all issues of your site. So obviously, you can better understand the state of security of your site and what problem you should address next with this detailed report.

Check out 50 security tests for your website

That’s not all! After completing the initial setup, you will get to run over 50 different security tests. These tests are designed to uncover any vulnerabilities, from minor issues to critical flaws. It is pretty straightforward. 

All you just need to do is select the tests you want to run and hit ‘Run test’. Then you can see an in-depth view of your results. You know some issues come with a one-click fix, which is exactly what it sounds like!

WP Security Ninja Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan On AppSumo

WP Security Ninja Lifetime Deal : Review, Pricing On AppSumo

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Well, these are just some of many security features that you get with the WP Security Ninja. With this tool, you will be able to activate the firewall and turn on some basic security measures in a couple of clicks. 

All you need to do is to get the install wizard. No complicated setup. Just a few simple steps for a lifetime of site security. It is never too early to secure your website. So, grab this lifetime deal while you still can and protect your site from bad actors for good.

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